Dear Yaya, The guardian of my universe and my heartbeat,

This letter is dedicated to you,  because God spoke, the stars aligned, our chakras were really balanced and boom! You showed up in my life in all your beauty, strength, confidence, intelligence and courage. You are just a testimony of how God never wavers because its not in Him, its not of Him and it can never be Him to waver.

All it took was her zamar to Dad…
wavers (third person present) · wavered (past tense) · wavered (past participle) · wavering (present participle)
  1. move in a quivering way; flicker:
    “the flame wavered in the draught”
    synonyms: flicker · quiver · tremble · twinkle · glimmer · wink · blink
  2. become weaker; falter:
    “his love for her had never wavered” ·
    I held onto that, that with every prayer I sent up, His promises came back to me unwavered or in drips and drabs, rather they were whole and complete. He is not a man that He would lie. Instead His unwavered faithfulness is a reality that I can testify to because of what we share, something so strong and so deep.

I honestly sometimes struggle to come to terms on how I could ever explain my love for you, Instagram posts or Facebook tags will never really do the job but only make you shed a tear here and there. But Lord knows I’m extremely grateful for those moments because they expose a certain truth, my heart has always longed for and an answered prayer that Dad personally worked on and continues to do so.

Writing you this love letter, comes from a place of complete gratitude for the kind of love you show me, the kind of love that awakens my soul to the beautiful reality that Dad really does know the very desires of my heart. Out of a prayer of desperation, a complete shattered heart, a numb nerve system and a mute mind, being on my knees was the only way I could fight my way out and believe that Dad would send me a friend that is of His kind.


“I feel you on the bottom of my feet, The very blush in my cheek, I love the taste of the words you don’t say, You’re the very meaning of peace, I am a 10 thousand petal flower, Unfolding in this moment, I feel so vulnerable and so empowered, It’s everything, it’s nothing, it’s perfect Oh, I am moved by you…”- India Arie x Moved By You


So kindly allow me to  thank you! I know you’re always hearing me say this and all. But I need you to understand that you are the coolest thing to ever happen to me, I thank you for loving me in my dark times (even when I’m mad at the world), pulling me out of dark places, thank you for our spontaneous meet ups (the sleep overs are bomb though), the late night drive way convo’s, our oreo/ hot wing snack levels lol (the list could travel a mile and still come back) and most importantly reminding me about the importance of self growth. You inspire the very core of my being sis. This I’ve told you and its not a joke.

So with this open love letter/ blog post dedicated to your beautiful face! I hope you understand just the small part of the insanely humungous gratitude I carry for you, your consistent presence proves the very existence of Dad.


And yes I can be the most weirdest and strangest little sister that you have to deal with and forced to entertain, but I wouldn’t be your little sister if I didn’t do the things that make a little sister to do to a big sister because of his father! (our inside joke lol)… seriously though, I wouldn’t trade you for the world.

YayaTina!!!3 20170510_210159
And in that moment she realised she met her crazy…
Your niglet aka Wins aka Mini Tina aka your little sister…
P.s This blog post is a digital contract of our union big sis lol lol lol *evil laugh* You’re stuck with my madness.

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